Colorado Adventures
by Eric Shepard

Sheppy's Colorado Adventures

My wife and I moved from Illinois to Colorado basically because I wanted to be able to go up to the mountain wilderness where I would have more opportunity to hike and camp.  We have really taken advantage of this, and taken some pictures of amazing scenery.  The photos never do justice to the actual sights, but they are still nice to look at.  My plan for this area is to document some of my hiking and camping adventures. 

  • Long's Peak 2004 -- Derry, Jason, and I took along some Russian baggage and only made it to the KeyHole.
  • Sheppy Quest 2004 -- Annual Sheppy Quest up to Bear Track Lakes in the Mt. Evans Wilderness.
  • Just Me and My Dad -- Tyler and Daddy going camping without Mom or Connor.  We'll start out easy ... Chatfield State Park and see how it goes.
  • Bierstadt and Evans -- Bierstadt is an "easy" 14er, so obviously, we wanted to make it more challenging by adding in a climb across the Saw-Tooth and up to Mt. Evans.
  • Gray's Peak -- I went for an early morning hike up Gray's peak.  In fact, I was the first person to sign the log sheet for the day.
  • Sheppy Quest 2005 -- Lost Creek Wilderness on the Goose Creek Trail.  This is the best Sheppy Quest yet.
  • Sheppy Quest 2008 -- Lost Creek Wilderness on the Hankins Pass Trail.  Turn left instead of right.  Not the best Sheppy Quest, but better than being at work.
  • Sheppy Quest 2009 -- Lost Creek Wilderness again.  This time, I did the entire loop from Goose Creek to McCurdy Park to Lake Park to Hankins Pass trails.
  • Blog Posts -- Posts on my blog about the Colorado Wilderness.
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