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Eric Shepard Home Page

About the Shepards

There are 4 of us.  Tracy is an absolutely fantastic mother of two handsome strapping lads.  Tyler is fsix years old and Connor is three.  Both are energetic and cute and defiantly boys.  Sometimes they are a handful but for the most part they are every parents' dream.

There is really nothing special about me (daddy) other than somehow I got lucky with such a wonderful family.

About this Site

  • Things to do in Denver with Visitors -- Just a page that lists a few things to do around town.  Sometimes when we need something to do on a weekend, we'll take a look at this page.
  • Possible Gifts -- In case you are wondering what we would like for Christmas or Birthdays or whatever. 
  • My Thoughts -- Just some random things I've put down on paper or word processor over the years and transferred to the web site.  Note:  more up-to-date things like this will be on my blog.
  • Colorado Adventures -- Hiking and Camping trips we have done around the state.  Full of beautiful scenery and wonderfully exciting stories.
  • My Kids -- Photos of Tyler and Connor  (and Tracy and Eric).
  • Sheppy Brew -- Eric just started a new hoppy: Beer Brewing. 
  • My Blog -- .  It has sort of replaced "My Thoughts" but also has some other sorts of stuff in it.

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